Amex UK Customer Reviews:


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Later came and went a long time ago

Amex Pay- stupid idea

Why not just allow it to be used in Android Pay??

Such a disappointment

Need to use two hands to enter my password every single time I log in. No finger print or PIN access. Also... AMEX Pay? Seriously?!? You're simply either not listening to your customers at all or just don't give a damn about their feedback.

Keeps crashing

Keeps crashing on my htc 10, had to manually give it permission for Amex Pay, and even then it keeps crashing. As everyone has said android pay would have made a lot more sense as amex isn't taken in most places


Why can't I use Amex with the Android Pay app? Do you seriously expect me to switch default payment apps to pay with a different card? It's quicker to get my wallet out. Also, please add fingerprint sensor support.

Good app, but not Amex pay

Says there was an issue and could not activate Amex pay. Used Galaxy S7

I want android pay as with amex in the us

Why the inconvenience?

It's not Android Pay

Keeps logging me out

Want to pay but bloody app is useless

Thomas F

Great app and all transactions recorded very quickly

Additional access

Why do you need access to call information .... please justify.

Love the app. Amex pay is not great, very disappointing.

No fingerprint login, no Android Pay

Amex Payments Hit and Miss

I was very glad to see the Amex payment functionality but unfortunatly it is a little hit and miss. I cannot get it to work in Tesco for some reason yet have a good experience with Barclaycard terminals. The other app functions are great but cannot help thinking they would be better integrating with Android Pay.

Amex Class

Very happy with the service. If I pay my card off over the phone even; the app immediately updates my cleared balance. Very happy with my service from Amex. Simple outlay and easy to use. What more do you need? Rather forget about android pay; takes a second to tap my contactless card all the same.

Good interface

A very well thought out app with good interface and accessibility. However, the only issue I find is the lack of finger print recognition as a way of signing in. It would make it so much easier and quicker to allow this method of verification

Good App in general but hugely disappointed at the decision to make Amex Pay. If Amex in US and Australia support AndroidPay then why cant we in the UK. AmexPay experience is so bad that I have switched to a different credit card as a result. Support AndroidPay and I will give you 5 star and return to using Amex or else bye bye Amex.

Generally good, however, the new Amex Pay system suggests you simply have to "wake" the screen to use the NFC payment method on TfL; I tried this earlier and this method didn't work, and what more, seemed to complete confuse the barrier much to my annoyance and everybody stuck behind me. When I then tried to use my card, the barrier declined several times before it eventually allowed me in. On unlocking my phone, I was presented with an Amex Pay screen to present my phone to the reader. You need to update the FAQ so that the payment method is the same, you have to unlock your phone before you can actually pay for anything. It would be nice if it would flash up on screen to enable the payment, rather than have to completely unlock the phone.

Why not android pay

Generally like the app. Good interface good functionality but why on earth did they not support android pay rather than going their own way. To try and corner the users and it must be one of the most stupid ideas ever. Do you really think people will use your app over Android pay?

Stuffed UK customers

Why isn't this on Android Pay like US and AUS? AMEX has really stuffed it's UK customers. Does it care?


Used to rate this app highly but I will not now. Other UK banks use Android Pay, why do Amex think they are above this.

Was great

But Amex pay is not great. I have been desperate for Amex to come to Android pay as I love android pay and would prefer to use my Amex account, but this is now just hassle. If you are sticking with it please add haptic and audio feedback to confirm transactions. But PLEASE just join android pay to make my life better and easier.

Amex pay?

Seriously why??? Just use Android Pay...

Great and Reliable app but amex pay not sure

It is great app and for me it is more of utility app for managing card. Amex pay is good but now I need to switch between android and amex pay because both like to be default paying method in my device. this is annoying for me as user.

Excellent app for the purpose of checking your balance, payments and offers for that I give it five stars. Down to three because of a) no fingerprint log in b) lack of android pay integration. Amex pay? SERIOUSLY? I'm willing to use Amex Pay (without setting it to default app but without fingerprint integration it is a long winded process and it fails 9/10 times.

Amex pay fails on ikettle, and McDonald's asks for physical card after using amex pay

Add Android Pay support like America

Amex pay is rubbish, have tried to use it a few times now and the payments don't go through, I end up getting my card out. It has also said the transaction has gone through when it hasn't.

Great app, but amex pay instead of android pay is a joke. It also needs to support fingerprint login.

Amazing but possible improvements

Wish I could have more offers in app for cashback and other deals

All your customers want Android Pay support

I'm no longer using my AMEX card because of your lack of android pay support.


Easy to use

Didn't work for me.

Gone back to Android Pay that works every time! Your loss.

Useful app

App is good and reliable, gives me all the info i need. Wish i could list people i've paid showing all transaction to a particular person or company.

Amex pay: useless

Totally useless, it works in one out of five times. Touched in at London tube station, it worked. Touched out, it didn't, giving some sort of error??? If you are going to do something, do it right!!! Just to make it clear: I have used Android Pay with my Master Card before started using Amex pay and it worked flawless every single time. So it's not my phone, it's not my NFC or any other reason. It's your app!

Amex Pay!?

Amex Pay didn't work for me. I disabled it and returned to Android Pay.

Bring us android pay.


Easy to understand and work

Amex Pay?! We need Android Pay support.

I don't want to have to change my default NFC wallet from Android Pay, which has all my other cards (which are universally accepted) in it - I read (in the FAQ) that you could use both alongside each other and you just had to open the Amex app first, annoying, but thought I'd try it - didn't work - your default is still used. If they mean you have to open the app and actually log in then that's just ridiculous and defeats the whole object. American Express needs to support Android Pay alongside this.

Amex pay?

What's Amex pay!? Just use Android pay.

Amex Pay

Utterly ridiculous decision given that Amex is not universally accepted, and Amex Pay would have be used in lieu of Android Pay. This arbitrary decision is magnified by the fact that Amex is integrated into Android Pay in the US.